Going Green

20 Jun

I just found another fantastic web presence for you guys.


*Drum roll please*


I’m in love.  She’s so fantastic.

In her Boob Power video Laci points out that “boobs aren’t awesome because they all look exactly the same way.  Boobs are awesome because they’re boobs!  They have an inherent awesomeness!”  And then she suggests (in her own words) that you Lysistrata that shit.

She also has a fantastic video about hymens.

And a great one about pubic hair.

And semen.

And thinspo.

And clitori.

I love finding more sisterfriends.  So if you’re reading this and you’re ever on the east coast Laci, hit me up on the twitters!  I’d love to get a cup of tea and talk about how food tastes better than being a size 0 feels and how hard it is to shop for big bras.

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