Smoke On Your Pipe And Put That In!

6 Jun

My mom asked me today if I was going to write about marriage equality and I told her that I had nothing new to say about it.

Contrary to myth, Christianity’s concept of marriage has not been set in stone since the days of Christ, but has constantly evolved as a concept and ritual. Prof. John Boswell, the late Chairman of Yale University’s history department, discovered that in addition to heterosexual marriage ceremonies in ancient Christian church liturgical documents, there were also ceremonies called the “Office of Same-Sex Union” (10th and 11th century), and the “Order for Uniting Two Men” (11th and 12th century).

These church rites had all the symbols of a heterosexual marriage: the whole community gathered in a church, a blessing of the couple before the altar was conducted with their right hands joined, holy vows were exchanged, a priest officiated in the taking of the Eucharist and a wedding feast for the guests was celebrated afterwards. These elements all appear in contemporary illustrations of the holy union of the Byzantine Warrior-Emperor, Basil the First (867-886 CE) and his companion John.

Suck on that, Bristol Palin. (via sherlockable)

Marriage has been a moving target for it’s entire existence.  It has been evolving to suit the needs of citizens (read…men) forever.

Homosexuality is found in over 450 species.  Homophobia is found in only one.  Which sounds unnatural now?

Additionally the entire birth of marriage was basically about selling daughters off like chattel.  I’m all for moving into a new era where marriage isn’t “defined as one man and one woman”.  I think we can come up with a better definition than that.

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