I Hope You Were Sitting Down

25 Mar

Alright, I’m going to write this and someone is going to get offended and I’m going to decide not to care.

I LOVE Ellen Degeneres.

There, I said it.

Unfortunately, vaginas aren’t my thing as you might be able to tell but some days I wish they were so I could be with her.

Hers is the only morning talk show that I can actually sit through, I love her in Finding Nemo, I want to be her best friend and boogie with her on TV.

I also think there is a good chance that she is the person making the most progress in the battle for equal rights for LGBTQ’s because come on, I think even a soulless member of the anti-gay right would pee their pants at this:

She’s gay, She’s one of the funniest people on TV and she just lives her life.  I love her.

I love her values, I love her fans, and I plan to find a JCPenny asap.  I love the peaceful way she brings this up and her attitude towards bullying.

I hope she runs for some office.  Those are the values that should be leading this country.

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