Monkey Butt

6 Mar

People often say feminism is like shouting into the wind.  I think a big reason that is true is that so much of the problem is so subconscious.  I can go all day about how women are people too and present lists and lists of examples where they’re treated as deviant, sub-, second class, ‘other’ and yet if you ask a man “do you think women are people?” of course they’ll say yes.  Even the creator of

“Anti Monkey Butt Powder” and “Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder” would probably say “of course women are people!  Why are you asking me this stupid question?”

So even though anti monkey butt powder (what exactly is monkey butt?  Is it like swamp a**?) isn’t telling men to walk around stealing women’s food because they’re bionic and not hungry what they are saying is that women are not like you.  They need special things.  “Satin smooth” pink delicate things with bows on them.

They’re different and need to be treated differently than you.  And as we all know separate is not equal.  Which of course leads to violence.

One Response to “Monkey Butt”

  1. Alex April 4, 2012 at 10:37 am #

    Today a website asked me if I wanted a normal t-shirt or a Girl’s t-shirt. So i had to backtrack and find this article to comment on. Gotta remind women every second that they are not people. Men are people, and women are accessories to them. We live in a truly insane society.

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