Un-Shabby Love

4 Mar

Though I’ve never been a romantic, never fantasized about weddings or marriages or having children, I’ve realized I want one man to love me behind everything else. I want his love to be my scenery while I do whatever I want on the stage.

~Shabby Love

Their love be the scenery where your life plays out.  What a better metaphor than two halves of a whole.

Two independent people capable of anything playing their lives out on a stage built of love and protection.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I’m not as miserable about my single-dom as most of my friends are.  I think it’s because I’ve given in to having a life where even if there isn’t one special person who builds my stage, I have a network of people who contribute pieces.  And if you give in to that knowledge, I think it might even be better.

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