Submit Your Birth Control Story

25 Feb

I’m not on birth control.  Do not ask me why.  You and I are not getting intimate so it’s none of your business.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t think birth control is important (a bit obvious at this point I hope) but I’m hoping that perhaps you are and want to share your story.  So here is an email I got from  I have no idea how I got on their list but I’m glad I am.

Please share your story with them if you can.

“Why are men afraid of women?”
“If your strength is only the other’s weakness, you live in fear,”

– Tehanu by Ursula K. LeGuin

Dear friend,

Last week, the House Oversight Committee held urgent hearings to examine the Obama administration’s new requirement for insurance plans to cover birth control. There was just one catch: no women allowed.

The morning panel consisted of five male “experts” falling over themselves to bash Obama’s decision. During their testimony, a Republican Congressman likened the policy to a Stalinist plot to weaken America.1 And one of the panelists explained at length how a woman seeking birth control is akin to ordering a ham sandwich at a Kosher deli.2

The top Democrat on the committee tried to invite a local woman to speak. She wanted to tell the story of her 32-year old friend who developed ovarian cysts and was prescribed birth control pills to preserve her fertility. The Republican chairman wouldn’t let her speak, because the young woman “appears to have become energized over this issue,” and was not an “appropriate” witness.3

Yes, we are “energized.” Birth control is not a political football. This is about our lives. And we believe it is highly “appropriate” for members of Congress to hear our stories. Can you take a moment to share your story about how birth control has affected your life and the lives of those you love?


More Congressional hearings are scheduled over the next week, and our allies in Congress want to read your stories on the floor of the US House of Representatives.Please submit your story right away:


We can’t let the recent shenanigans in Congress distract the country from the critical truth around this issue.

For millions of us–mothers, daughters, fathers, husbands and brothers–birth control is a deeply serious issue. It helps us to have control over our lives, bodies, financial security and health.

When Congress debates the policies that shape our lives, our stories must be heard. If you submit your story through our simple online form, we’ll make sure it’s delivered to Congress and the press at the next hearing. Your identity will be kept anonymous, but we’ll work with our champions in Congress to make sure your experiences are heard and entered into the Congressional record.

Your story will help keep the focus where it belongs: on real women and men, and our real lives.

Thanks for speaking up,

–Nita and Shaunna, UltraViolet


1. “Contraception Circus Reigns at Oversight Hearing, National Journal,” February 16, 2012

2. “Late Night: Jon Stewart mocks congressional birth control hearings,” Los Angeles Times, February 21, 2012

3. “House Democrats Walk Out Of One-Sided Hearing On Contraception, Calling It An ‘Autocratic Regime,'” Huffington Post, February 16, 2012


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