Get Out Of My Uterus

17 Feb

I had an amusing email exchange with my mother this morning.

In case you haven’t seen/heard news reports yesterday.  Check out the committee proposing a ban on contraception where there were no women present to testify. I was surprised there was no comment on Female Gazing so I expect you didn’t see/hear about it.

I didn’t write about it but I did sign 3 petitions. Good morning, Mom.

This is the image that has been going around.

Let’s not make any unnecessary and hurtful comments on their personal appearances although I’m pretty sure we can all agree: bad.

The truth is I didn’t write about it because I wasn’t surprised by it.  The abortion/birth control debate is deeply rooted in the idea that women are too selfish (because of course wanting to only have as many children as you can feed is selfish) to be entrusted with such decisions, so why on earth would they let such people make this kind of decision.

I mean, do a group of old white ladies govern what goes on with my balls? No. They don’t. But this is what happens in America. Old white men who believe in an invisible man in the sky get to say what goes on in all women’s vaginas. The last time I tried to make anything happen inside a woman’s vagina I didn’t even get past the whole “taking her to dollar-beer and bingo night at the bar by my house” thing. Swing and a miss, there. And hey – that was just one vagina. In their case, they are trying to control ALL OF THE VAGINAS. Who do they think they are? Prince circa Purple Rain?

~Ned Hepburn of Death and Taxes magazine sums up the situation in Indiana, where all abortions past 22 weeks were banned.

This attitude that women aren’t trustworthy to make these decisions is spread in our media through language that paints maternity as the ideal of womanhood (when in reality one DOES NOT need to be a mother in order to be a ‘good’ or ‘complete’ woman).  It is spread in the gaslighting of women; you are crazy, you’re overly emotional, you’re defensive, overreacting, a bad driver, silly woman.  You don’t know as much as I know.

And when women allow themselves to be made smaller

I think we need to stop operating as if there is something wrong with us, as if what we have to say needs to be prefaced by “Um” or “I”m sorry” or “This is probably stupid but” or some other words that communicate our lack of faith in our power. Own it, man. It’s all you and it’s all good. And if you find out you’re wrong, well, so what? Own that, too.

— Libba Bray, on societal expectations/limitations of girls in the modern age

we spread it again.  I dont want to make decisions for myself.  Can you and your big strong manly muscles help me out?

I simply cannot do it alone.

We make the patriarchal bargain and then we’re shocked when we find out we’ve just completely sold ourselves out.

I’m capable of making responsible decisions about my body and my life.  Here are the petitions I signed telling some old conservative men just that.

So, just so we’re clear: a 15-year-old who had unprotected sex and knows that she doesn’t want to be a mom is too immature to follow the directions on the box, but mature enough to birth and raise a baby?

Long. Blank. Stare.

– Teen Girls Can Suck It: No Morning-After Pill Without Doc’s Consent (via feminismduh)

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