The Oral Report

24 Jan

A very good friend of mine wrote this up and called it in to a favorite podcast of ours.  If you’re very close to me you might know who she is.  Enjoy.

Hi Dan

I’m a straight girl and I just listened to episode 266 where a woman called in because she doesn’t like going down on her boyfriend.  She was a little unclear about the reasons she doesn’t like giving head and you and Lucy came up with ideas for her if the issue was just the amount of time until reciprocation.

I’ve recently been having a lot of conversations with women who don’t like giving head and I’ve come up with a few rules that help.  Most of my rules are inspired by you anyway so here goes.

1)   Say to your partner out loud “If I do something you like, tell me so I can keep doing it and if I do something you don’t like then tell me so I can stop doing it.”  This reduces anxiety and opens a dialogue while still sounding incredibly hot.

2)   A blowjob is a mouth assisted hand job.  You don’t have to shove the thing down your throat in order for it to be awesome.  You’re not Sasha Grey, don’t pretend that you are.  Also, not just your hands, but his too.

3)    90% trial and error, 10% porn.  You asked him to tell you when you do something right and when you do something wrong, so try things.  Touch things, pull things, bite things, stroke things.  Use your fingertips, tongue, teeth, cheek, palm, get creative.  If he doesn’t like it he’ll tell you and you’ll move on.  If you need more inspiration than just the plethora of types of skin on his junk watch some porn.

I hope that helps!


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