A Complete Healing

20 Jan

I just found out (via facebook of course) that a friend of mine is sick and in the hospital on the other side of the country.  She’s one of those friends who you don’t see often and when you do see each other you don’t really talk about much but just each sit there silently wishing you could actually spend time together and be real friends.  You know what I’m talking about.

Anyway she’s sick and it breaks my heart.  Into so many more pieces than I thought it could.  And it made me think of the Jewish prayer for the sick.  I don’t consider myself a very religious person and most of the time when people ask me how I relate to Judaism I simply say that I love the music and this particular friend has a beautiful singing voice so it felt very fitting that my first thought was of this tune.

In my synogague we start this murmur of a chant and then during it you’re supposed to say/whisper/list/concentrate on the people in your life who are in need of healing so the space becomes a mix of song and loved ones.  The chant is very simple.  It is a prayer found in the Torah. When Moses’ sister, Miriam, is struck by disease he offers the shortest prayer in the Torah: “El na rafana la.”

“Please, God, please heal her.”

So the song is just:

“El na refana lah (Please, God, heal her) El na refana loh (Please, God, heal him) El na refana lahnu (Please, God, heal us) r’fuah shlemah (a complete healing)”

That’s the entire thing.  It makes the most hypnotic melody.

So this is my prayer/good vibes/love for the sick.  For my friend and yours and everyone in between.  I hope you’ll join me in filling the space between us with song and loved ones.

“Bad things happen. Trust that good things happen, too.”

Feel better, loves.

One Response to “A Complete Healing”

  1. Anonymous January 25, 2012 at 8:55 pm #

    Thought this was beautiful

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