My Boyfriend Ryan

8 Jan

Alright.  I know I’ve already brought up Ryan Gosling like 20 times in the last month’s worth of posts.  And I’m aware that every guy out there reading this is sitting there thinking “Enough already!  I know you’ll never love me like you love him (or a certain gallifreyan), stop ruining my self-confidence!  You know I’m sensitive about my hair.”

Well I’m here to give you a gift.  A gift in the form of a knowledge bomb.  Yes my boyfriend Ryan is so awesome because he looks photoshopped.  Yes he’s so awesome because his smile is like whoa. But more importantly my boyfriend Ryan Gosling is so perfect because he says things like this.

“Our new year’s eve party.”

I’m glad I made my home with you too Ryan!

So my gift to you, dudes, Be conscious and smart like my boyfriend Ryan.  And like me like my boyfriend Ryan (And if you really want me to love you forever you could have hair like the gallifreyan) and maybe I could want you to be my boyfriend too.

One Response to “My Boyfriend Ryan”

  1. Mike January 9, 2012 at 7:27 pm #

    Your gift sounds a lot like…well, advice is too weak a word, and demand too strong. Implore? I don’t know.

    Also, if you didn’t already know, a gift:

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