Trust Me, I’m The Doctor

27 Dec

Just watched the Doctor Who x-mass special (and about 24 hours of marathon) after months completely lacking in DW activity so don’t mind me while I freak out for a minute.

When I grow up:

A door in my house will look like

I will have a fish tank that looks like

My kids room will look like

I’m going to be honest—masterpiece! The ultimate bedroomA sciency-wiency workbench! A jungle! A maze! A window disguised as a mirror! A mirror disguised as a window! A selection of torches for midnight feasts and secret reading! Zen garden! Mysterious cupboard! Zone of tranquility! Rubber ball! Dream tank! Exact model of the rest of the housenot quite to scale, apologies! Dolls with comical expressions! The Magna Carta! A football! Pluto! A yellow fort! [x]

The hubby and I will


And when it all goes well we will dance the dunk giraffe

Wish me luck!

One Response to “Trust Me, I’m The Doctor”

  1. Webmonarch December 29, 2011 at 12:48 am #

    Lovelovelove the newest episode. Lovelovelove. Couldn’t look at Christmas ornaments the same way. Nearly cried in the middle of my in-laws’ living room watching the ending.

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