Bored Men With Naked Women – Peter Dinklage Edition

16 Dec

All the way back in September of last year I put up a post about naked people as props.  Aptly titled if I do say so myself.

This popped up in my reader the other day and while I love Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones and life in general I couldn’t help but think of something I read somewhere (and by somewhere I mean EVERYWHERE BECAUSE IT’S TRUE) about how images of women parts

And in worst case scenarios


lead to dehumanization and objectification of women and then violence towards women.  It’s easier to hurt somebody who you think of as more body than buddy.

So while I adore Mr. Dinklage, I don’t support these pictures which reduce women to the decorative function they provide for men, upping their status with their ‘hot lady pieces.’

Something to think about next time you open a magazine to this

The advertisers say they’re just giving us what we want but is this really what we want?  Really?

2 Responses to “Bored Men With Naked Women – Peter Dinklage Edition”


  1. Because They Are Not Human And They Are Not The Same As You « Female Gazing - January 14, 2012

    […] was a post I did a while back that pointed out how the media and advertising dehumanize […]

  2.;u=624023 - June 5, 2012

    All your renown is like the summer flower that blooms and dies; because the sunny glow which brings it forth, soon slays with parching power….

    Worldly fame is but a breath of wind that blows now this way, and now that, and changes name as it changes direction….

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