MPAAt It Again

10 Nov
“Do you think that your 16 year old daughter hasn’t masturbated already? Like, do you really think there’s anything in that scene that this chick hasn’t already tried when the lights go out at night, or in the bathroom, or in the tub, or with the shower head or something like that? I’m telling you, man, I’m not teaching this broad anything new. If I were to create a rating system, I wouldn’t even put murder right at the top of the chief offenses. I would put rape right at the top, and assault against women. Because it’s so insanely overused and insulting how much it’s overused in movies as a plot device, a woman in peril. That, to me, is offensive, yet that shit skates.”

~Kevin Smith (director) on the ridiculousness of movies about sex receiving NC-17 ratings while extremely violent movies get by with R ratings.

One of the things I love so much about this is that it’s Kevin-Freaking-Smith!  If you don’t know who Kevin Smith is he was Silent Bob of the infamous duo Jay and Silent Bob.

Not exactly what comes to mind when you think angry feminist is it?

He also happens to be a brilliant writer and director, not that you’d expect it from that clip.

It just goes to show that anger at the patriarchy can come in all sorts of beautiful shapes an sizes, including being jam packed full of cursing.

If you do want to see Kevin Smith being brilliant (or at least speaking) try this on for size.

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