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The Motion Of The Ocean

Today a new Feminst Frequency Trope V. Women video came out!  It was more exciting than Christmas morning!  Which isn’t hard because I’m Jewish.


Watching the video reminded me of something.  In the video she talks about how the “Straw Feminist” trope backs up the stereotype that feminists are evil ‘Feminazi’s’ who want to give rights to women by stripping them from men.  I consider myself a strong feminist but something I pride myself on is that when I talk to men about ‘the patriarchy’ they don’t want to hit me like the straw feminist character in Legally Blonde.

Last night I was at a bar (Yes, I’m 21 and can legally do that, yay!) when a friend brought some little matchbox-looking packets to our table and gave them to a couple I’m friends with.

Inside his had a folded up paper version of the ‘Peter Meter’.

The peter meter is presumably a ruler to measure where a guys junk falls on a scale of ‘should have been a girl’ to ‘WOW!’.  It’s also complete bulls**t.

I looked at it for a bit and then asked my friend if I could borrow it to write a blog post about it.  I was sitting with some guy friends and one who reads the blog looked noticeably pleased that I was going to write about this… thing which obviously made him really uncomfortable.  I was really glad to have an opportunity to show that feminists aren’t out to steal your rights, just to show the injustice done to everyone in a patriarchal society.

In our patriarchal society men are told that in order to prove that they are men and worthy of a womans love they must be the most manly.

In that way women are quite lucky because we are told to be womanly (weak, quiet, demure) but also that since being a man is a good thing, emulating a man is occasionally a good thing.  Like when Kim Kardashian wears nothing but a mens button down shirt, or some awesome cowboy boots.

However men are told that they need to be all man all the time which can lead to other problems.  And a man wouldn’t have a penis that could be considered small, ladylike, possibly clitoris-sized, how embarrassing that would be?  Can you smell my sarcasm?

In response to this we have men who, because they don’t reach a certain level on the Peter Meter feel like a disappointment

Meanwhile Dan Savage puts it perfectly below… er, I mean here.

Size doesn’t make you a good lover.  Being a good lover makes you a good lover.  He also points out how few women actually orgasm from vaginal intercourse.  Few do.  Something he doesn’t point out here but does on his podcast is that some women don’t want a man with a large penis.  Some women have small vaginas, or have had surgeries or medical conditions which make vaginal intercourse with a ‘hung’ guy very painful.

Just like the “Straw Feminist” promotes the misconception that all feminists are cruel, manipulative manhaters the “Peter Meter” promotes the misconception that all women like large penises and won’t respect a man with a small one.

Next time someone calls you a feminazi for being a feminist remind him that it’s because you’re a feminist that you can appreciate his micropenis for what it is.

1 thought on “The Motion Of The Ocean”

  1. A few month ago, Matt showed me the TV Tropes page for “Straw Feminist.” If you’re not familiar with TV Tropes, it’s a place where culture nerds take plot shapes, name them something funny, and (being nerds) proceed to list every possible place that plot shape has been spotted. Often, they have sections titled “Real Life” for examples of tropes–the captain of the Titantic for “Going Down with the Ship,” for example.

    But the trope “Straw Feminist” came with the following caution:

    “Please refrain from adding Real Life examples in this page, as real people are not crafted for a specific storytelling purpose.”

    In a broader sense, I feel like a lot of misogyny is the persistent belief that the point of women is to fulfill a storytelling purpose for men. But we don’t, because we’re people.

    Great post as always!

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