Go Fug Yourself!

15 Sep

There’s a blog I really enjoy called gofugyourself.com.

I enjoy looking at crazy people wearing crazy clothing

Yes, that is a famous person (I have no idea who she is, but she’s pretty) wearing harem pants that are split open all the way down the front.

As well as the completely gratuitous pictures of guys who would perhaps seem relevant if I understood what the events were.

But alas, I have no idea if he’s in the movie, dating a girl in the movie, or cutting the ribbon at the groundbreaking of something.  Either way he looks darn good doing it and I care about very little else.

Every once in a while the website will top itself though and say something like

It’s bizarre and impression and also fun in a very Didn’t Proper Ladies Do This In Books Set in 1850? Next We Shall Play the Pianoforte! kind of way.

And everyone knows that nothing makes me happier than incredibly descriptive run-on sentences with entirely too many capital letters, especially when they reference ye olde books.

The website will also occasionally have strokes of brilliance like this

I DON’T like that I can foresee my including this picture setting off a rash of comments about how small she is in the comments, so here is a gentle reminder: Please be thoughtful when writing about bodies that belong to other people, and while I know it can be difficult, we’d very much appreciate it if we could concentrate on the clothing rather than people’s weights — in either direction. A sincere request from your hostess in advance. Thank you.

Because the site generally is so lighthearted, this plea becomes so normal.  And that’s what this plea should be.  Normal.

Being thoughtful while writing about bodies that belong to other people should be second nature.  It shouldn’t require a reminder at all.



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