Gender Policing

23 Aug

Gender Policing

Policing the boundaries of gender.

Someone telling you that because you’re a girl you should like pink, should want to wear heels instead of sneakers, should want to shop, get manicures.

Telling you that because you’re a boy you should refuse help, not show emotion, not need a hug, want to fight and wear nothing but blue.

Honestly when I think about gender policing it seems so outdated.  And then I started babysitting again and talked to people who have less…progressive parents than I do.

Gender policing is not a thing of the past.  Anyone remember this?

I was shocked at the hubbub this got.

And it left me with questions like what exactly makes blue so manly anyway?

The upsetting thing about this hubbub is what Habladora from Feministe reminds us of:

…It isn’t being different that put kids at risk [for self-harm], it’s being punished for being different.

Enjoying pink nail polish isn’t dangerous.  But hearing all of Fox News say you’re broken and that you need to be taught the right things to like will certainly mess you up.

And parents who decide to push gender norms on their children at home so the kids at school don’t have to do it are the most dangerous offenders.

This is just another way patriarchy hurts men too.

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