Stop Looking At Me That W… What Was I Saying Again?

23 Jul

If you’re a long time reader of Female Gazing you’ll remember how much I love pictures of people looking at other people.

I love how in this picture I can tell that she’s doing exactly what I’d be doing if Alexander Skarsgard were looking at me like that.

My interpretation of the thoughts going through Kristin Bauer’s head at this exact moment:

I had something to say I swear…  I was thinking…  something…  God you’re pretty.  Why are you looking at me like that?  No, don’t stop, ever.  Don’t giggle Kristin, if you giggle he’ll move away.  gdsfkljm,kijf…..  *drool*

Then he looks away and laughs and you’re like ‘well hell, there goes my chance to look like a real person with real thoughts and stuff.’

It’s really a wonder.  Gorgeous men’s smiles are like crack.  You do horrible things to get one and then once you have a hit you do something ridiculously foolish like forget how to spell your own middle name and then once it’s gone you hate yourself for having the craving and swear you won’t try to score anymore.

Until next time of course.

Men.  Can’t live with ’em, can’t shoot em.

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