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You Go Glen Coco!

I’m a New Yorker (and damn proud) and recently I’ve been confronted with a lot of Anthony Weiner bull.  To say the least.  Wanna know how I feel about it?

For the easy version just listen to the first 11 minutes of this.  I’m going to try to say it in my own words but I guarantee they won’t be as succinct or biting as Savage’s.

Anthony Weiner isn’t guilty of being a sex offender.  He’s guilty of (as with so many people in his generation) underestimating the power of the internet.

He’s guilty of having consensual adult relations with other consenting adults.

And to be honest he’s guilty of being one of the most pro-women and women’s health members of congress.  The only problem Anthony Weiner has is that his opponents are dragging him through the mud for doing things that either they or their children have done or will do.

Since the advent of the polaroid camera home-made porn has sky rocketed.  Who knows how much was made before but I can tell you how much is made now.  A hell of a lot.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stumbling through my friends phones, computers, cameras, Ipods… and came across pictures of them or their significant others in a state of undress.  More than I’d like to say.  Not to mention the leaks of pictures of Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian, and even Liv Tyler just to name a few recent ones.

This is not sick behavior.  It’s human behavior.  It’s just futuristic enough for the aging press to be disgusted.  In 3o years congress will be comprised only of people who have posted pictures of their junk on the web.  Either that or we’ll be ruled by the Amish.

What sounds better to you?  This guy who stands for women?  Who fights back for my rights?

Actively on the floor?

Or this guy?

I don’t think it’s a hard choice and I don’t think Weiner should resign.  I think I need him on my side.  And I intend to keep saying it.

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