Who Runs The World? Pricks.

24 May

I finally made myself sit through the whole video (and song for the first time) for Beyonce’s new song Run The World (Girls) today.

First off go ahead and watch it.  If you dare.  I don’t suggest watching it lying down.  You may fall asleep.  Or sneeze.

How is she not bored of herself yet?  Every song she’s ever made is ‘I’m a powerful capital-B Bitch!’  Add in a beat you can jump around to and some barely there costumes and; Tada!  You too can be Sasha Fierce!

This song in my opinion is especially heinous.  First of all there’s the part where it’s actually a terrible song.  It’s so boring that if I were dancing to it in a club I’d use it as an excuse to pee.

Then of course there’s the part where she completely co-opts feminism.  And I think gives feminism a bad name.  Here’s a fabulous youtube video that explains this perfectly.  Plus, it’s really funny.

Update: These guys don’t care at all about the feminism.  They’re just huge Beyonce fans talking about the song as a song.  Which is also interesting and really hysterical.

2 Responses to “Who Runs The World? Pricks.”

  1. Webmonarch May 25, 2011 at 5:07 am #

    This feels like her trying to be Gaga. And the only good use of that hook is in the Bootie mashup with Ludachrist:


  1. It Gets Better « Female Gazing - February 21, 2012

    […] that suck.  I understand all these things because the autotuning annoys me and when they sing Run The World unironically I want to punch a hole in the […]

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