Carry This Picture For Luck

16 May

Dear Mr. Fox,

Once upon a time I was like this girl Amelie, and

And then you came along and now


And I don’t have to choose to spend my time alone because

So now I… Well,

Because I think you look like

So just spend time with me even when I’m boring

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter during the filming of Alice in Wonderland

And even though

I think you’ll also see that

And I could apologize in advance for being

Or warn you that

Or try to explain that

But the truth is that finally

And I’m glad you’re here because it’s scary.

One Response to “Carry This Picture For Luck”

  1. Lillian DeRitter May 19, 2011 at 12:41 am #

    Best tag for this post ever. Hope indeed.

    They say that Pandora was so compelled to let all the evil things out into the world and so fraught at the sight of all the terrible things that she couldn’t see the little moth called Hope that she had trapped in the jar when she shut it in her fear. So after Zeus had reprimanded her, and condescended and stormed and left, Pandora’s husband Epimetheus took her hand in his and said “I love you, no matter the mistakes you make or the distance you fall. Let’s look in the box again.” And they did, and Hope entered the world.

    I’m so glad you’re happy darling.

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