Everybody Wants A Little Piece Of The Action

15 May


One of my best friends is bi and it’s always a topic of interesting conversation.  A while ago I was reading an article about how so many young kids were declaring themselves to be bi and what it could mean.  The article came up with four reasons why so many kids were coming out.

1) They were actually bi.

2) They were some form of queer and bi was a good stepping stone considering all their friends were claiming it anyway.

3) They wanted to show that they were on the same side as their queer friends.

4) She kissed a girl and she liked it… In front of boys… who proceeded to drool and give her a lot of attention… which she also liked.

That was the Elize translation of course.

I’ve always teased my best friend by saying that I don’t believe he’s bisexual, just greedy.  I think the truth is I’ve just met too many people who fit into the last category.  I did go to a performing arts high school after all.

This friend in particular though, I always describe him as ‘too straight to be gay and too gay to be straight.’

I guess what I’m saying is bisexuality exists.  It’s not always just for attention-hogging.

Tell your teenage actress friends.  And then dont be upset when they ignore you completely.

I wanted to include a hot picture of bisexuality but I couldn’t find one I liked so here’s a hot guy.

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