So Crazy It Just Might Work

12 May

When is it crazy to do something for someone else?

Ok that was vague.

How soon is too soon to make a big change for someone?

A good friend of mine is graduating and moving to a new city to be with a guy she kissed for the first time this winter.  Five months ago.  Five short months and she’s willing to move her world to be with him.  Crazy or not crazy?

She’s 22.  She can afford to run around the country and live in a city that maybe she won’t like in a few years because maybe she won’t be with him in a few years.


I’m 21 and I’m considering moving across the country for a boy.  And I want to slap myself.  I want to slap myself and say “Snap out of it!  It’s a boy you spent 3 whole freaking days with!  Stop being an idiot.  Your life is not an Ethan Hawke romcom

And yet, I could live in a great city with a roommate I love, a cute dog, a full support network of friends and family nearby, and a career path.  That wouldn’t be too crazy right?

So am I moving for the guy?  The job?  Him?  Me?  And is doing it to be near him really just me doing something for me?  And is that something my feminism could live with?

And if it this whole thing is too crazy then I’m young and can always say the whole experiment was a great learning experience and move home.

And if it’s not… then I’ll be lying in the sun with a dog and the tall man eating peanut sauce on spinach.


Anyone have any suggestions?

One Response to “So Crazy It Just Might Work”

  1. aquagal May 12, 2011 at 11:33 am #

    It sounds like you have A LOT more going for you in the new city than just the guy…go for it.

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