Surreal, But Nice.

For a New York Jew I have an unreasonable love of country music.  Tonight I was driving a friend home and Blake Shelton’s Honey Bee came on.

And it made me really excited for the future.  This weekend I’ll be graduating and outside of my small world there will be people who want to be my shade tree.  What isn’t exciting about that?

I’ve spent the last four years thinking that Pittsburgh is a representative sampling of the world.  And the truth is that it really isn’t.  If you’re in a place where no one gets you then there are two options.  It’s you or it’s the place.  I’ve been convincing myself it’s me for quite some time now.  It’s time to think a little differently.

Sometimes life is like a movie.  Not frequently and not always forever, but would you rather live in fear that tomorrow won’t be as magical as today or would you rather shoot spaghetti from your fingertips while you can?

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