Elizabeth Swan

13 Apr

“I know you’re a good man.”

I’m watching Pirates of the Caribbean right now.  So much yummy man candy.  And Elizabeth just said something highly amusing.  She says that she knows Jack is a good man.  And he says “despite all evidence to the contrary.”  Yes.

How often have you thought that?  There’s a guy.  He acts like a real jerk.  And yet you insist he’s a good man underneath.  You defend him to your friends and family.  When he says things that are hurtful, you ‘know’ he’s joking.

How often does that work out in your favor?  How often are you disappointed?  And who do you blame for the deception?

I don’t judge because I’m just as guilty.

And sometimes those jerks are still better than the self professed ‘nice guys’

Just don’t be surprised when people turn out to be who they say they are.

When people tell you about themselves, listen.  Hot guy does not always equall good guy.

2 Responses to “Elizabeth Swan”

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