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It Gets Better

Hello world!  Yesterday I took a day off from posting because I did two the day before and I must admit to feeling a little guilty.

Last night I was catching up on my favorite weekly advice columns and came across something really great in Dan Savage’s Column that I wanted to share with you.

So basically A trans-lady wrote in.  She was asked out by a guy at a sandwich shop and didn’t know whether or not to trust the guy doing the asking.  Was Mr. Sandwich a creep who wanted to take out some trans-hate on our dear reader or did he have honorable romantic intentions?  Our new trans friend here was lacking a little confidence.  And, as usual, Dan said something universally insightful.

My inbox sags under the weight of e-mails from straight/straight-identified guys who are desperate to meet transwomen/trans- somethings, and not all of them prefer passables. So it’s possible that this guy saw trans- something, unpassable you and decided to go for it because you’re everything he’s ever wanted.

Followed shortly by

if he begins to treat you like you’re stuck with him because no one else will ever want you (not true—remember my inbox!), dump the motherfucker. It’s better to be alone than to be with an asshole who preys on your insecurities to keep you coming back for more abuse.

Next time you’re feeling down just remember that someone out there is writing to an advice columnist, moaning on about how they can’t find that wonderful person that is you.

And I’m so excited to stick around and hear about them.

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