The Thinking Woman’s Crumpet

5 Apr

A while ago someone who calls him/herself Milky commented here and left me a link to check out. And Milky asked for my comments on it. My thoughts are pretty well summed up on their ‘female gaze’ page.

Don’t fancy our guys?

That’s because you haven’t photographed the men you do fancy and submitted your pictures. Filament is not a diktat, it’s formed by women like you owning their erotic desire and making the effort to represent it. If you’re moaning about preferring ‘other types of men’ while thinking ‘but I couldn’t possibly photograph a man!’ you’ve identified the problem. Stuff changes because people notice something that isn’t being done and make it happen themselves. We look forward to your submission.

To me the important part of filament is that it encourages women to look, to be active, to consume rather than be consumed.  Looking at guys is good fun.  But reading these photography guidelines are even better.

Does that answer your question Milky?

But, yeah.  Don’t worry about whether I enjoy it or not.

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