Do What You Do So Well

1 Apr

A friend of mine has a problem with food.

She called me last night feeling helpless to her hunger.  Like her hunger was separate from her body and was maliciously trying to lure her into eating junk.

And I reminded her that her hunger was not separate from her body.  Her hunger was her brain requesting nourishment to keep itself functioning.

In a short while we won’t be in the same place and one day I might not be just a phone call away.  So I wanted to leave this for her and anyone else who needs it.

Hunger isn’t an outside force trying to make you fat.  Hunger is your brain needing to get through the day.  Eating doesn’t make you weak, it makes you alive.  It makes you able to run a mile or edit my paper or not break down crying on the bus.

Food isn’t the enemy.  It’s not trying to ruin you.  It’s just you needing nourishment.

And furthermore there are no good or bad foods.  Any food that will fill you up and let you keep doing what you need to be doing is a good food.  Even if it’s a bagel.

If you love yourself, you wont starve yourself.

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