An Ordinary Sunday

27 Mar

I used to be content to go home after a long day and chill out and listen to some Sondheim music.  Happy to enjoy music about seriously messed up relationships.  I thought it was the most interesting thing I could spend my time on.

Then I got to college and realized that the real world is more messed up than even Stephen Sondheim or Tim Burton could imagine.  Not even Lady Gaga can make up stuff this gruesome.

And now when I try to really enjoy some fantastically messed up music my mind wanders to people and places I don’t want to go.

Places like Georgia with people with names like Weiner and Boehner.

Cause it’s not like I spend all day doing class and production work for other people anyway.  So now I get home and instead of enjoying something different I want to know what new idiotic thing some idiotic senator did.

Or how from 2001-2004 23 of 25 contraception ad’s in Essence magazine were for Ortho-Evra.  The contraceptive patch.  Which only comes in one color.  Which theoretically doesn’t match the skin of anyone reading Essence.

And instead of being able to listen to some beautiful music about killing people and then cooking and selling them I look at charts about civil rights and suicide statistics.

And maybe it makes me a little more depressed now that my eyes are open to things most people ignore.  And it’s a little infuriating that everyone isn’t as angry about these things as I am.

To know people exist who really are this hateful.

To feel like the only one fighting the good fight

But then I just need to remember that I’m not alone.  And if someone thinks I’m a bitch for feeling the way I do at least Tina Fey’s sassy finger point and Amy Poehler nodding her cute face are on my side.

Phew.  Thanks for that Tina.

So, Stephen Sondheim.  You who kept my chin up on my worst days and taught me all the things theater could do, I’m sorry I forgot your birthday.  I’ve been busy.

All my love,

One Response to “An Ordinary Sunday”

  1. Kati March 30, 2011 at 4:17 am #

    I hope to provide something more insightful, interesting, and/or dialogue-y later, but all I can say at this late hour is that your blog (which I really randomly stumbled upon, via makes me really happy. It’s so nice to know someone else out there is thinking and writing these things in the way you are. And I also love The Hairpin. 🙂

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