Keep Your Boehner Out Of My Uterus

23 Mar

I pray that this guy’s sex life looks like this.

Caring for my rights, my body, my well being and choices is really hot.  It’s hard to be attracted to a guy who doesn’t trust me to make decisions about my body.  It shows that he thinks he knows more than me.  And while I’ve been attracted to guys who’ve known more than me, I’ve never been able to be attracted to one who acts like it.

It’s so sexy when a guy wants you to get everything you want.  And when he is willing to see the world through your lens.  Damn that feminism is sexy.

And there’s something extra special about guys with two moms.  You can just feel the respect emanating off him from a mile away.

Liz Taylor also expresses her feelings towards John Boehner:

I wish he would melt too, Liz.

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