Someone Exactly Like You

11 Mar

The other day I ran across a column called Ask A Dude in an online magazine called The Hairpin.  And I’m totally smitten.  These dudes are funny, insightful, and most of all, love women.

Over and over again women write in with questions like ‘how much body hair is gonna gross a dude such as yourself out?’ and the dudes invariably say, ‘the amount of hair that turns you from a confident sex goddess to an insecure nincompoop.’  But not in those words of course.  Over and over they say that your body hair, your tummy jiggle, your funny birthmark, your whatever don’t turn guys off half as much as your freaking out about them does.  And then I came across this:

Should a gal tell her partner about assne (acne on her ass), or just let them find out? Should I be concerned about this? Are guys? We otherwise have great communication and I tell him all sorts of weird things he doesn’t really care to know about.

She rambled on for a lot longer than that  but this is the gist.  And Dude says this little gem:

He’s seen it, he knows about it and he doesn’t seem to care. Out of all the possible ugliest things on a girl’s naked body that doesn’t even compare to all the potential skin garbage going on with a dude’s naked body. (AMIRITE, LADIES??)

With the exception of STDs, yeast infections or pregnancies don’t tell us anything about your body ever. Let us find everything out on our own. ‘Cause then you’ll see what we’re made of and you’ll get through those lame, weird, sophomoric boys who get grossed out by periods or hair or smells that are ALL NORMAL THINGS and find yourself a real man.

I would rather be with a girl with some assne who communicated with me than one who corrected my grammar, only dated DJs, cared too much about handbags, or didn’t let me have sex with her just because she had her period. Towels are multi-purpose, people!

And I’m smitten again.  I love it when guys point out that a real man understands natural normal…stuff.  Now this period/towels thing made my face go all screwy when I first read it and then I realized how romantic it was.  Bodies are crazy.  They do all sorts of things.  None of which you can stop or should you be ashamed of.

And for a guy to love you not in spite of but because of all those things, that’s friggin awesome.  A real man loves you for EVERYTHING your body is.  He doesn’t pick and choose and make you feel embarrassed about the stuff that he’s uncomfortable with.

Because that doesn’t sound like fun at all.

He should like you just as you are.

One Response to “Someone Exactly Like You”

  1. tinkerbelle86 March 11, 2011 at 10:56 am #

    hahha, this is a brillaint post!! assne? i think the basic answer is dont tell a guy anythign ever!!

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