Graphs And Prego Housing

9 Mar

“Defunding Planned Parenthood to prevent abortions is a lot like outlawing umbrellas to prevent rain.”

~ Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board.

A classmate of mine introduced me to a group a little while ago called Feminists For Life which argues that rather than allowing abortion we should put programs in place which would end the need for abortions.  They support a project whose goal is to build campus housing at universities so women who get pregnant can have in-house child care and other services that make it possible to continue her education while not ending her pregnancy.

This is the first pro-life argument I’ve heard that addresses the question ‘What about the woman?’  and it’s the most compelling argument I’ve heard yet.

However, as a sassy abortion provider points out ‘65% of women who get abortions in this country are already moms! Smile, there’s a chance your mother chose abortion because she wanted to make sure she could take care of her already-existing children, i.e., you.’

I think this idea about the campus housing for moms is great.  I think it could be a really great asset for women who choose to continue with pregnancies and education simultaneously.  Although I must say that a friend of mine has a kid with colic and I can’t imagine leaving that kid with a day care center 10+ hours a day so I can go to classes, rehearsal, the library, group and club meetings, etc.  I don’t know who that would be worse for, the kid, the parent, or the babysitter.

And I can’t help but thinking that if I got pregnant and that kind of support were available, I would still want an abortion.  I’m too young for my entire body chemistry to change on me (and, yes, having a baby changes EVERYTHING).  Or to quit drinking for the next 3 (but really more like 18) years.  When I graduate and no longer am eligible for this service I’ll be working as an intern 12 hours a day and then will be expected to go out with my colleagues to mingle and make contacts at night.  And the stipend they may or may not give me would barely cover the cost of my own food let alone food for a kid and some diapers I won’t be around to change.

Education is a good reason why women get abortions each year, but it’s not the only one, and the percentage of fetuses saved every year by this program would be a tiny sliver of the whole picture.

(On the list of things I’m good at Excel is pretty near the top so I turn to it for help in proving my point.)

Oh baby, oh baby, graphs.  *drools*

For my current purpose I’m assuming that the women who would be getting pregnant and needing this housing are seniors getting knocked up on prom night and the pregnancy stops them from entering college.  That means that the percentage of abortions that become unnecessary are, at most, a measly 3 percent.  This initiative (while great in theory) would stop 3% of abortions.  And according to this site women tend to give 3 reasons for getting an abortion so perhaps for these 3 percent of girls education is only 33 percent of the reason they would be having the abortion and maybe the other 66% is even more important.  Stuff like death threats from family members or partners, mental health, whatever.

I respect this initiative.  I wish abortions weren’t necessary.  I don’t want women to feel like abortion is the only option.  However, for some women abortion is the best option and it should be one that is available.  Always.

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