Human Hair?

27 Feb

Relationships can fall into many categories.  I like to compare them to something else that can fit into many categories.


Ships can be big and sturdy.  Like a rock.  Everyone can rely on it.

A ship like that can enter the picture with no warning and change the entire picture for everyone in a 20 mile radius.  It’s so solid it makes you jealous that you can’t be in a ship so trustworthy and strong.  I can’t imagine what it must like to be inside one.  Expansive and comforting at the same time.

I don’t know what this thing is.  It looks insane from the outside.  I’m sure it does all sorts of special things on the inside though.  It must have special controls and functions.  Maybe it can fly or free’s dolphins from nets.  I look at it and DO NOT want in.  But whoever is inside there is running around giggling and enjoying all it’s fancy dongles and doohickeys.

This looks great!  But I have friends who have been on these for longer than a week or two.  Apparently these are great for vacations but once you stick around long enough you can see all the cracks and flaws.  They’re too much too fast.  All flash and sparkle on the outside but on the inside it’s doomed to fail.

O0o, how pretty.  And I guess they’ve been on the sea long enough to prove that they can stand the test of time.

Oh how beautiful.  Better hope it doesn’t rain.  Or get too dark.  Or go out on real open waters.

Then there’s what I always end up in:

In The Pirates of the Caribbean Jack describes a raft.

Will Turner: How did Jack get off the island?

Mr. Gibbs: Well, I’ll tell ya. He waded out into the shallows and he waited there three days and three nights. Till all manner of sea creatures became acclimated to his presence. Then on the fourth morning, he roped himself a couple of sea turtles, lashed ’em together and made a raft.

Will Turner: He roped a couple of sea turtles?

Mr. Gibbs: Aye, sea turtles.

Will Turner: What did he use for rope?

Jack Sparrow: Human hair. From my back.

This is a raft that belongs on land.  This is a raft that can float for maybe 30 minutes.  Maybe a whole night if you’re lucky.

Different kinds of ships are right for different pairs of people at different times.

You can be in the wrong ship for this point in your life.  You can be in the wrong ship for this person you’re on it with.

But you can also get it right.

It’s syzygy.

One Response to “Human Hair?”

  1. tamethatman February 27, 2011 at 5:40 am #

    Love it! The raft made me laugh out loud. Great analogies for relationships and so true.

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