Love Me True Never Let Me Go

22 Feb

Sometimes the best feeling is just holding someone.

Kissing is nice.  Sex is good.  But…

To hold someone’s head in your chest and feel their breathing slow.

Feeling their shoulders relax as you rub them.  Drawing lazy circles on their back until their weight starts to drop and they start to settle into calm sleep.

Physical proof of their trust in you.

In the last few years I’ve discovered that I prefer holding someone to being held.  Don’t get me wrong, being held is great.  But for me it doesn’t compare to holding someone, playing with their hair, hearing that extra exhale when you touch that special spot on their back.

There are two main cuddles that I love.  There’s spooning which I don’t need to explain at all.

I think it goes without saying that I like to be the big spoon.  Little spoon is nice of course.  Though be aware that if I can feel your breath on my neck I won’t be able to sleep.  I like it too much and within a matter of minutes I’ll be turning around to kiss you.  Breath on the back of my neck just feels too darn good.

Then there’s what I like to call the K cuddle.

I have no idea what this picture is but it demonstrates why I like to call it the K cuddle.  He’s the straight part of the K and she’s the diagonal bits with her arms and legs.  I usually like to be the dude in this situation.  That way I can play with his hair, run my hands over his back.  And generally curse the gods over how little sleep I’m getting as I listen to him snore.


I guess it’s kinda worth it.

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