I Wish You Well. I Wish Myself All Of The Above.

13 Feb

I feel like a lot of my friends have been pairing up lately which means I’ve been meeting more and more boyfriends (or whatever you want to call each other, let’s face it though, he’s your boyfriend).

I don’t really have an opinion about this.  It’s just really nice to see my friends so happy.

And I LOVE scaring the boys out of their wits, threatening them life and limb if they should harm a single hair on my friends head.  That is by far the best part.

I wouldn’t say that these guys complete my friends because I don’t believe in that.  But these guys, I meet them and watch them complement my friends beautifully.  My friends and I can bond over all sorts of things but I can’t talk about helvetica or vegetarianism like these guys can.  And watching them bond over things they have in common gives me hope.  Because if my friends can find guys who love them for (rather than in spite of) their magic card addictions then I can find someone who appreciates my love of show tunes.

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