Just The Way You Look Tonight

9 Feb

Oh, Faith Hill, you’re so pretty I want to be just like you when I grow up.


Oh, what’s that you say?  That isn’t your real arm?

What do you mean Faith?

But you’re in a sun dress and your hair is blowing in the wind.  You’re so natural and normal.

Gah!  You’re right Faith!  They lypo’d your arm!  I wonder if there’s even room in there for a bone anymore?

And what?  Did they not like your smile?  It looks like you got instant botox.  You look so much happier in the real one.

And all these comments from my buddy Jezebel.

Perhaps what you need is Lindsay Lohan’s Mighty Migrating Belly Button.  Because obviously she could never be beautiful with a normal looking stomach.  Gotta fix that thing up before it hits the stands.

Or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Magic Lightening Skin.  Because obviously no one with melanin could be beautiful.  We wouldn’t want to offend anyone by making it look like this exquisite woman wasn’t an all American girl next door.

Gosh golly gee.  Good thing that’s settled.

So now we can have more of this


all the Vogue covers of every country for 2010 overlayed over each other

Or of course we could screw the whole thing and do this


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