Mr. Fox

8 Feb

One day I’m going to marry Mr. Fox.

I don’t know what his actual name will be but for my current purposes his name is Mr. Fox.

Here are some things Mr. Fox will do.

Mr. Fox will love garlic.

Mr. Fox will love my obnoxious laugh.

Mr. Fox will be a photographer and play at least one instrument but NOT consider himself an artist.

Mr. Fox will not be mad when I wake him up at ungodly hours of the morning.

Mr. Fox will never make me listen to techno.

Mr. Fox will appreciate my love of showtunes and think I have the voice of an angel.

Mr. Fox will not mind when I ask him to explain football…again.

Mr. Fox will not mind when I act like this:

And will understand that the correct response to this is orange juice and a massage.

I’ll be here.  Meeting other people.  Knitting and partying and kicking butt in various ways.

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