If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It

4 Feb

My teacher from Body Politics was telling us about a book called The Body Project in which the author makes the following argument (this is my version of what the teacher said about what the author said so forgive me if you’ve read it and know I’m totally off):

She said that back when women wore corsets (and I guess before that) the clothes made women’s bodies look alike and took away the need to concentrate so hard on eating less or wearing more makeup, or whatever.  And that now that women have more choice of what to wear and how to present ourselves we concentrate more on that and less on what’s inside.  That our bodies have become our projects.

I think it’s ridiculous to expect that there was a time in patriarchal history in which women weren’t made to feel that their bodies were a project.

There are just more tools available to alter it

And it’s so easy to fall for when we’re told that we should look like photoshopped versions of ourselves.

And it starts so young.

And it’s really that unreasonable

But your figure isn’t the problem.  Don’t fall for it.  They’re trying to trick you up.  And you’re too smart for it.

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