What To Wear? What To Wear?

20 Jan

It started with a dress.

And a teeny tiny waist.

Then a class where we talked about corsets.

And what they did to women’s bodies during the 19th century.  How women lived with perpetually fractured ribs and displaced organs in the race to a tiny waist.

How uteri (yes, I looked that up because I had no idea what the plural of uterus was) were pushed out of the vagina under the weight of so much clothing.

You could say we’ve gotten away from this now that many women dress like this

But if you ask Stacey and Clinton or any straight man, they’ll tell you to accentuate your waist.  Make it look smaller.  Perhaps like this

Or if you go to my school, maybe like this

We can say that this is fashion paying homage to women’s bodies.  The sexy nature of our curves…


Now, into the technical.

There is a difference between sex and gender.

Merriam Webster has this to say on gender.

2b : the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex.

And this to say on sex.

1: either of the two major forms of individuals that occur in many species and that are distinguished respectively as female or male especially on the basis of their reproductive organs and structures

Sex is something you don’t get much choice in.  You’re born with some parts and just need to deal with it throughout your life.

Gender is performative.

Which, according to my drama teacher means that it’s all pretend costumes and we can take it off whenever we want.

I’ll just let you think on that.

Most men can agree that this is hot

But this is pretty acceptable too

However (as much as I enjoy this) it’s not quite within the bounds of what society says a man can be.

All of this just to say that women can dress feminine and men can dress masculine.  But if a woman decides to dress more masculine she’s just being modern.  She’s being professional, elevated even.  Should a man decide to do something a little different…well…

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