Confidence, Obedience

You Know, Life Is Hard

Alright so I’m sitting in bed reading some articles about women’s health and trying not to cry.

Firstly I’d like to mention the bad news of the day.  It’s available here.

This semester I’m taking a Body Politics class.  And while I’m very excited to learn about a topic I’m curious about, the class requires me to read a lot of material that points out problems in our society.  Problems in how our society treats women.  This is on top of the blogs and websites that I regularly follow as inspiration for this blog.

I’m happy to be informed but it does get me down sometimes.

The worst part is that I’ve encountered a lot of people lately who say things like “feminism is over” and “feminists are selfish.”

Men who believe these things I can disregard as stupid and in need of an education.  Women who say these things are ignorant and part of the problem.  The other day I was complaining to a friend that I felt like my feminism wasn’t as good as another friend’s.  She reminded me that there is no better or worse, only levels of informed.

I recently read a great article (If Men Could Menstruate by Gloria Steinem).  Please read it.  It’s fast and funny.  There’s also a video spoof on it if you’re really lazy.

What I love about this article is that it’s sort of ‘Superior-Groups-Are-Superior-Because-They-Say-So for dummies’

One quick succinct article about how men are people and women are women.  One article that makes sense to anyone.  One article to rule them all.  Please read it.

Oh!  Thanks goodness.  Saved by the Bell!

Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men. -Joseph Conrad

4 thoughts on “You Know, Life Is Hard”

  1. Sexism is alive and well and feminism isn’t about cutting off men’s penises and moving to an Amazon island with butch women. It’s about women not being treated “less” than men.

    I have felt ever since I was a kid that I had to prove to men that I could do just as much as they can. And I happen to go into an industry ruled by men and I can stand on my own, because I know no one person is better than the other, so no man is better than me. And vice versa.

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