Scott Pilgrim V. The World

12 Dec

Last night I enjoyed a great conversation with some guy friends of mine about

I’ve heard it said that Scott Pilgrim is a snapshot of this generation, this year, this time.

I think that’s a pretty true statement.  It really speaks to this generation.  It’s accessible and fun.  On that note though we need to ask what that says about the status of the women’s movement.  The snapshot of our generation is a movie about a dude fighting other dudes for the opportunity to date a girl.

The girl’s character is defined by: her hair color, her awesome wardrobe, the subspace highway (which is controlled by an ex and exists mostly in relationship to Scott.)

A friend mentioned to me the other day that in film (and the Bechdel test really shows this well) women tend to exist only for what they mean to a man.  I’m not sure if Scott Pilgrim is a major transgressor there but it’s interesting to look at.  Just give that idea the benefit of the doubt for a minute.

How many women are in this movie.  What purpose do they really serve?  The main female characters are Ramona, NV, Knives Chau and Kim Pine.  All of whom Scott dated or wants to date.  All of whom serve to torment him by being women he wanted to sleep with at some point.

Other female characters include Ramona’s ex girlfriend who mostly exists to give Ramona a sexy experimental air and to conjure up some lesbian imagery, some girls who pick on Scott and Scott’s sister.

That all being said I really liked this movie.

Just because you like something doesn’t mean it’s infallible.

One Response to “Scott Pilgrim V. The World”

  1. Matt` May 15, 2011 at 4:46 pm #

    The character is self-absorbed to a high degree; to his mind, everything revolves around him, so everything in the film revolves around him. Everything that we see, anyway, it being from his perspective (to the point where the film skips over whole periods of time because he wasn’t paying attention).

    This includes the other characters – none of them have side plots to speak of, or that much in the way of characterisation that isn’t in relation to him and his quest to fight dudes until he gets the girl.

    Not very enlightened, but neither is Scott.

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