9 Dec

I love when things are awesome.  More than that I love when someone comes to me really excited about something I didn’t notice before.  That’s what this website is. 1000 awesome things that I hadn’t noticed before.  And new ones every day.

Ever noticed how great wind is?  I didn’t.  And then these guys gave me 3 great reasons.  Gosh, I love the wind, and I totally forgot.  Now when the wind blows I’ll smile instead of cursing Pittsburgh and its car killing hills.

What about Correctly guessing the secret ingredient? That’s a good one.  Lots of awesomeness in there.

But what about finding out someone has the same birthday as you?  Or when you sneeze and fart at the same time so nobody notices the fart?

Every day these guys make my life awesome.  Because they open my eyes to the awesome all around me.

Go have an awesome friggin day!

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