Make A Gleeful Noise

Today I caught up on four episodes of Glee that I’ve been too busy to watch for the last month.

So many things jumped out at me.  For example:

Thank you main stream television for showing a young gay man stand up for himself and not get beaten to a bloody pulp.

Thank you main stream television for showing young women discussing sex (points off for showing half as prudes and half as sluts with no room in between.  Need I remind you of the Whore/Madonna dichotomy?).

Thank you main stream media for showing the consequences of bullying gay youth.

Now this show certainly has enough flaws.  The plots tend to be contrived and the whole thing sounds like an after school special most of the time.

This doesn’t bother me though.  I’m willing to watch a show that is a little preachy if it means that young people all over the world are seeing examples of teens that are this accepting and open.

An after school special that people like and tune into each week.  One that preaches equality and inclusion.  Plus, people sing show tunes!

I can’t have a problem with that.  Not even a little.  It’s not perfect, but neither are you.  At least we know Glee has good intentions.

Plus, cute boys.

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