A Nun Or A Dishrag

19 Nov

I enjoy Taylor Swift perhaps more than I should.  She just makes me want to jump on my bed in PJ’s that I don’t actually wear with my long flowing blonde curls (which I also absolutely don’t have) bouncing beautifully.  But I’m also aware of all the pro-abstinence language and symbolism in her music and more importantly in her public image.

Now this young lady is more than welcome to make her image into whatever she wants.  But we all need to be careful about demonizing other people and the choices they make with their bodies and their sexuality.  Especially because a lot of your sexuality you don’t get to decide.

I had a guest lecturer the other day who was talking about how different directors find different aesthetics to be elegant.  Different people find different things elegant or beautiful or sexy.  Different women can consider themselves different kinds of sexy.  If dressing like “Trashy” Taylor makes you feel hot then do it.  If dressing like a boy makes you feel sexy then do it.  If dressing like a pretty pretty princess makes you feel beautiful then do it.

Just don’t judge others for picking a different one.  As long as you stick to that rule then you’re golden.  Then we’ll all be golden. Have sisterhood.  Believe in yourself and in other women.  Assume she’s awesome until proven wrong.

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