Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds

9 Nov

So I’m taking this religion class now and we finally got to Christianity.

When Christianity began it was a small sect of Judaism and it was outlawed.  Within 400 years it became a huge national religion.  In class today we learned why that was.  And the answer was: WOMEN.

This is really oversimplified but I haven’t got all day so here goes:  Pre-Christianity women were in low supply.  There were 130 men for every 100 women (We’re currently somewhere around 105:100).  Female babies were frequently subject to “exposure” which basically means that your husband didn’t want to pay to feed her so he took your baby and left it on a rock outside of town.  And you were probably 14 years old anyway and illiterate so what could you do about it?  Abortions were also quite common and killed MANY women.

So to recap: Before Christianity basically you would sit at home and do…domestic arts…until your 35 year old husband came back from whatever fun stuff he did that day and got you pregnant.  And then he could choose whether or not to end your pregnancy by poisoning you or shoving rocks into your uterus (oh yeah, you’d probably die too) if he wanted.

Basically what I got out of class today is that Christianity gave women more agency over their bodies.  Women flocked to this new religion that usually resulted in a longer lifespan.  And now it tries to take away our rights to our bodies.

This religion took off because it gave women more agency over their bodies.  Agency to keep their babies, their lives, their fertility.  Christianity was raised on the backs of mothers.  And now it has grown up and commits matricide.

I don’t mean to sound preachy but this class really got my blood boiling.

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