And I Hum To You Sweet Clementine

3 Nov

So I recently wrote about how all forms of love are equally important whether they’re familial, romantic, or whatever. The problem is that I rely heavily on this idea that all love is equal.  That just because I don’t love romantically (yet) doesn’t mean that my heart isn’t filled with love.

But then I saw this art piece that threw me for a loop.  It had poetry written by a friend of mine with choreography and music mixed in.  It seemed to point out to me all the ways that romantic love is superior to anything I call love.

While this art piece was breathtakingly beautiful it also rocked my foundation to it’s core and completely knocked me off balance.

However I want to keep believing in this:

Could romantic love and platonic love and parental love all be different facets of the same diamond–brilliant, no matter which face is turned up to the sun?
~Jodi Picoult (Vanishing Acts)

So instead of saying that I’ve changed my mind.  I’ll just say here that I’m feeling doubtful.  And this:

I dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for.
— Sally Owens (Practical Magic)
I won’t specify that it must be romantic.  Just that it should be.  And perhaps that it will help me get my faith in love back.

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