27 Oct

I remember watching some movie with my mom when I was little and her pausing on a close up of Orlando Bloom and saying “You see that?  That is a beautiful jaw.”  Yeah most of my favorites are her fault.  Boy watching in movies and on the street with her.  In fact when she met my first crush she told me that he looked like the brunette version of her first boyfriend.

Most of my guy friends don’t understand when I start making gurgly noises about jaws in movies so here I’ll demonstrate… you know, because I’m selfless…

Note how the faces seem to be all angles and edges.  There’s the jaw line.  Decisive.  Then just at the corner below the ear it juts upwards.

The line where the upwards motion from the jaw turns and becomes the cheekbones.

And then of course there are dimples.  Those beautiful parenthesis around the mouth saying “Look here!”

How the corners seem to jut past the neck just the perfect distance.

And then when you really want me to melt there’s always the adam’s apple.Sorry, got a little carried away there.

And next time someone tells you that you’re beautiful and you have a hard time believing it remember how honestly I take joy in the faces above.  Whoever is complementing you probably takes as much joy from your face as I do from Mr. Jackman’s.

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