We Have An Opening For A Princess

17 Oct

There was a kid in my grade school who wanted to be a baseball when he grew up.  Or maybe it was a moose.  I don’t think that’s much better than a princess but then again he always did aim low.  And now he’s at Harvard.  Go figure.

I feel like I can safely assume he was never told that he was a princess.  Or that he should be one of these:My dad still calls me Princess Jasmine.  Please don’t ask.

But for me the question becomes Why a Princess?

My mother used to say that she was not queen of the house.  She was the Empress of the Universe.  I think that sounds much cooler.  Princesses are generally political pawns.  Jasmine’s father wants to marry her off to a prince.  One day she’ll be a queen but not one with a lot of power.  The most power she’ll have will be the ear of her husband.

Olivia Wilde is a princess.  She married some prince.  Doesn’t she look like it though?  If I were a princess I’d be more like this

And I would wear things like thisAnd my prince would look like thisor thisBut most importantly he would always look at me like thisThe coolest part about relationships and growing up is that you get to decide how they work and what they mean.  Who needs to be a princess?  I just want to be the person described above.  And besides the tiara what’s stopping me?

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