My Goal Tonight: Get Raped

16 Oct

I wish I knew what to say about this.  What I want to say is: why does this exist?  why does this need to exist?  Why are there human beings out there who think women want to be raped.

When I get dressed up to go out my thought process is a lot like this:

How cold is it out?

What is clean?

What are the other girls going to be wearing?

Can I get away with sweats?

Can I get away with jeans?

Is there going to be anyone I want to impress there?

If there is someone I like there then my goal with my outfit is to make it slinky enough that he comes to talk to me but not so skimpy that he has trouble keeping up a conversation.

The problem is that the people who control the manufacture of womens clothing and who sell it are anti jeans-and-a-tee girls like me.  I’m not spending huge sums of money on spandex and spangles.  And that’s a problem.  And men see that they can convince me to wear spandex and spangles for their amusement.  So they ignore me until I cave.

And you say women play mind games.

Sorry, I got off topic.  Saying a woman wants to get raped is like saying that you want to be burned alive.  No one wakes up thinking “golly gee, I hope I’m tortured today and it leaves mental and physical scars for the rest of my life.”  No one.  No one.  No means no means no.  No exceptions.

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