Keanu Reeves? Really?

14 Oct

So Dan Savage is one of my favorite people ever as I have mentioned before.  He doles out advice while never making you feel as though what you feel is wrong (well, unless you’re an idiot of course).

In this most recent episode of his podcast (which I HIGHLY recommend) a man and his female co-worker call in to ask if “pegging” is gay.  It would be unladylike of me to define pegging here so I’ll let you consider it here.

I have no particular feelings on this act.  The act isn’t the point though.  At this point I ask you to go listen to the episode.  If you missed it before, then here you go.  If you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing (which you should do) then you can just skip to minute 20.

Do yourself the favor and listen to it.  It’s brilliant and worthwhile.  However, because this is the internet and I know you’re not going to click the link I will present the best parts of Dan’s response. 

This pair (supposedly not a couple, but I have a feeling they both wish they were) call in because the man is convinced that a certain aforementioned activity will make him gay.  Dan’s fabulous response: “If a man and a woman do it to each other, there’s nothing gay about it.”

More of Dan’s hilarious highlights:

Do you think that I turned gay because somebody put a dick in my butt and it flipped some magic switch that’s at the top of my rectal cavity and made me gay?

Imagine this in the nicest funniest voice ever (or you could just listen to it)

What matters is whats going on between his ears. that’s what makes it gay…when i had sex with girls…it was totally gay because the only way I could make that happen was going oh my god, oh my god, she’s Keanu Reeves.

Thank you Dan.  You don’t turn gay.  People can’t turn you gay.  If you’re queer, then you’re queer.  Congratulations.  You’re exciting and beautiful.  Enjoy being you.

And if you’re straight and afraid, don’t be.  Because nothing is going to make you gay.  Except maybe wishing your girlfriend were Keanu Reeves.  Then you might be gay.  And you should probably talk to your girlfriend about that.

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