Mirror Mirror On The Wall

11 Oct

Special K adverts piss me off every time I see them.  I have so many problems with these commercials but I’ll just start with one right now.

Special K sells their products like diet pills.  They tell you that the girl in the commercial is losing weight by eating cereal.  Then they show you a girl who is trying to lose weight but is already really skinny.  A girl who should be eating candy corn and steak, not replacing two meals a day with fiber.

People say that obesity is America’s big problem.  I disagree.  I think Body Dysmorphia is America’s big problem.  Body Dysmorphic Disorder is essentially when you stop seeing your body for what it is.  And this problem is only made worse by advertisers who try to tell you what you need by telling you what you look like.

Which leads me to ask: Do you really know what you look like? 

My mother once told me about a study (I can’t find it online but it sounds obscenely reasonable to me) where they got 100 silhouette photographs of women from 100 to 250 lbs.  They lined the pictures up from thinnest to heaviest and then women would come in and point to the picture they thought matched their body closest.  And what they found is that some really small percentage of women pointed to a weight within 10 lbs of their own. No one knew what they looked like.

For as much time as we spend looking in the mirror in dressing rooms and checking out our pictures on facebook, we don’t see what is in front of us.

My best friend is tiny.  She’s a ballerina and she looks like one.  But every time she looks in the mirror she sees nothing but her girl pooch (For those who don’t know a girl pooch is what happens when you don’t have a perfectly flat stomach) and wonders why it’s still there.  Like this tiny pool of fat takes her instantly from looking like Kate Moss to Kristie Alley.  Girl pooches are perfectly normal and sexy!  I have one and I love it.

These Special K ads say that this girl is fat.  Do you think she is fat?  Because if she is fat then I’m obese.

What about her?  Perfect.  She looks perfect to me.  And if that is too big and she can’t eat cheesecake then I better eat nothing but broccoli ever again.

What about all these ladies?Right.  Who could ever be attracted to any of these fat women?  Right?  Wrong!  These women all have beautiful bodies.  Every last one of them.  They don’t need to eat stupid diet cereal.  They need to go home, eat some cheesecake and be complimented by someone who loves their bodies exactly as they are.

Don’t be a victim of Body Dysmorphia.  If someone took a picture of you and photo shopped Angelina Jolie’s head onto it.  Would you say “wow, that’s crazy.  I have the same outfit as Angelina Jolie!”  Would you say “She gained a little weight but she’s certainly not fat.”

We are our own harshest critics.  But we don’t need to be.  Don’t let Special K trick you into thinking you need to lose weight.  You’re supposed to know your body better than anyone else.  So why would you trust some idiot trying to sell cereal to tell you who you are?

2 Responses to “Mirror Mirror On The Wall”

  1. Felicia February 3, 2014 at 6:54 pm #

    Where did you get this photo? I am looking for a photo for my book cover and like this one. Where did you get it? Do you know who owns it> Thanks.

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